Thursday, March 3, 2011

Dough That to Me One More Time

Man does not live by bread alone, but he just might if he got to eat at Coast every night. On a slow Tuesday evening, the pleasant dining room was a wonderful spot for a respite from a crazy work week. And while the entire meal was fine--chef Brian Parks certainly knows his way around a piece of fish based on the fine arctic char and halibut we enjoyed--there was something particularly pleasing about the bread service. Sure, it's homey and all, coming out on its wooden cutting board. But even better, it's all warm, all the better to slather the very cold butter on. And then there was variety, too. Two lovely pretzel rolls, rich in Kosher salt, caraway, and rye, chewy on the outside, delish in the center. Then there was one harder roll sort of shaped like a breaded snail, but it was far from sluggish in taste. And then was a round softer roll, proving two crusts that looked somewhat the same could be totally different animals (if crusts were animals).

It wasn't easy to say no, when we got offered a second board.

Other good news about Coast is how Open Table-friendly the restaurant is: they offer 1000 points 5:30 - 10 Monday through Thursday, 11-2 and 5:30-10:30 Sunday (there's a great jazz brunch), and then 5:30-6:45 an 8:45-9:45 Friday and Saturday. Does wonders for your Open Table account (and your stomach).

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