Monday, January 25, 2016

Sip This: Papa's Pilar Dark Rum

Papa’s Pilar Dark Rum: The website for this ultra-premium spirit traffics deep in mythologizing: “Hemingway lived an epic life in perpetual motion. And rum bore witness to it all.” You see, Papa is Hemingway, Pilar his fishing boat. The funny thing is this rum isn’t particularly terse or manly, even if it’s broad and bold. That’s partially since it’s made solera-style, with different distillations aged together, in both bourbon barrels and port wine casks. In a word, complex.

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Thursday, January 7, 2016

Sip This: Sierra Nevada Otra Vez

Sierra Nevada Otra Vez Gose-Style Ale: Given that Gose, a classic German wheat ale brewed with salt and coriander to create a sharp tartness, often gets served with a shot of raspberry or fruit syrup, it’s not too surprising Sierra Nevada would have some fun with its latest release. Turning to California classic flavors like prickly pear cactus and grapefruit, however, makes this a Gose with the Central Valley up its sleeve.

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Wednesday, January 6, 2016

The Bobcat Drinks Tonight

It’s easy to think that the last thing Santa Barbara needs now is another bar — cue Prohibition-revivalist online commenters! — but with the coming of the Bobcat Room on West Ortega Street, it’s easier to conclude that such a notion is horribly wrong. Hip without being hipster, retro without irony, clubby without being exclusive, it’s not so much dimly lit as artfully shadowed, with wall seating angled just so people are edged into ergonomically easier talking postures. That it’s the rowdier Wildcat Lounge’s speakeasy neighbor — you have to enter through a double door from the dance floor — is even more of an enchanting surprise.

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Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Eat This: Deep Dish Spinach Pesto Pizza @ Patxi’s Pizza

Not to start a food fight, but as an East Coaster by birth, I have to argue deep dish pizza isn’t really pizza. (Sorry, Chicago.) That doesn’t mean it’s not delicious, though. Think of it as lasagna with crust instead of pasta, perhaps. And what thought that starts with lasagna doesn’t end with drooling?

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Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Drink What You Like for NYE

Drink what you love. That seems simple enough. But especially around this time of year, it's easy to believe we deserve to indulge in special potable treats, and it's easy to look to professionals on how to indulge in those treats. So we read up and assume high scores are the highway to nirvana. If that fails, we might pay a whole heck of a lot on a bottle as that must mean something, and then assume we're drinking an amazing wine.

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Thursday, December 24, 2015

Sip This: Acinum Valpolicella Ripasso

Acinum Valpolicella Ripasso DOP 2014: If people know valpolicella, a red grape from the Veneto in northern Italy, it’s usually the “standard” version, a pleasing, fruit-forward light wine. But when it’s a ripasso, or “repassed,” version, things change quite a bit. In the case of this Acinum, that means there’s a second fermentation with the marc, which are the leftover skins, stems, and so forth from the production of the dried-grape-wine style called amarone.

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Winemaker Aaron Watty Play Chef

Aaron Watty, the man behind Big Tar Wines, can seem to contain multitudes. A bear of a man at well over six feet, he’s a waiter at bouchon, was a wine buyer at Wine Cask, served as assistant winemaker for Longoria Wines, and even once worked as a model. But all that doesn’t negate his dramatically failed first attempt to pass a UCSB communications course.

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