Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Around the Table: Chefs in Santa Barbara

Every once in a while I have the good fortune to have Visit Santa Barbara ask for some work. In that vein, here's a n article I did for them based around three quick Q&As of some of our best local chefs, talking about ho great it is to be a local chef in this, uh, locality. So consider this one more start and a nudge.

When legendary chef John Downey put farmer Tom Shepherd’s name on his menu in the mid-1980s, he kicked off a trend not only for Santa Barbara, but the entire world. This region has been all about farm-to-table since long before that term became marketing catnip. Visit any local farmers markets, and you’re sure to bump into chefs loading carts with just-picked produce. And of course, the Pacific is rich with seafood, while the county’s vineyards produce some of California’s top wines.

Three of the region’s top chefs dish on the region’s bounty: Alexander La Motte, Hotel Californian; John Cox, The Bear and Star; and Greg Murphy, bouchon Santa Barbara.

Want to read the rest then do so at the Visit Santa Barbara website.

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