Monday, May 7, 2012

Like It Black for Breakfast

If risking the crazies, drunks, and DUI stops on Santa Barbara weekend late nights has been keeping you from the great eats at the Foodie-award-winning Blue Owl at Zen Yai, there's really good news--the windows are papered up at what used to be Bitterman's Deli at 5 W. Canon Perdido. Cindy Black is taking over and soon the Blue Owl on Canon Perdido will hatch and no doubt become one of this town's best breakfast and brunch spots. Yep, instead of staying up late, you'll have to get up early this time.

Black's full of notions for the spot that won't be open for a few weeks, and then will open soft before a more serious grand opening. She likes the idea of family style, of starter courses everyone gets (her fruit salad might include passion fruit creme and mint, say), of a big long table down the middle of the space that everyone will share. A March trip to Vietnam has inspired some possible dishes--get ready for rice congee, called cháo. But there will be breakfast entrees to choose from, too, like either a pan cake (she's intentionally splitting the word) or waffle that will come brûléed, or a perfectly poached egg that will get a clever spin that won't be your usual Benedict, but don't call her a traitor to tradition. After all, as the original Blue Owl proves, this is one chef who you want to let follow her culinary muse. And then we just get to say, "Thanks" and "Yum."

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