Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Luscious Liquid (Not Like That) Lunch

Talk about your too much goodness--if you ever have the slightest reason to head downtown midday, be sure to take it just so you can go eat at the Santa Barbara Museum Cafe. It's sadly easy to forget, as it's not open in the evenings (just museum hours) and has no street presence (they really need to chop out some of the giftshop and have a doorway straight to the cafe. Brenda Simon, who also does Secret Ingredient Catering, is making the best of a spot with a minuscule kitchen--when life gives you little heating, make veggie and vegan food. They can still turbo-charge the temp on these hot pots (pictured above, and that's supposed to be just a starter portion, well, if you order it sans shrimp) they're currently serving, which puts the lie to the idea that something sharing similarities with ramen noodles has to be a salty monochrome drag. Lots of flavors, from salt, sure, but also ginger and more--lord knows what tasty miso is at the broth's base. And then there's the mound of spinach holding up the mound of seaweed salad--it's almost Earth Day, so go green, sure!

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