Friday, April 15, 2011

Cruel to Be Kind

As much as we'd all like to deny it, at least to the folks to our south, we're part of the "greater Los Angeles area" (when you put it that way it does make sense--we're the greater). That means, if nothing else, that TV doesn't mind stretching its cably-tentacles in our direction, to grab at any of us willing to be part of reality TV. We can argue at another time if someday we will all have our own reality TV show, and by watching the show we will then know what we're doing in our lives.

To cut to the current food chase, we now have our opportunity to sic Gordon Ramsey of Kitchen Nightmares on a restaurant of our choice. Here's how his casting company puts it or you can go directly to their website:

Has your favorite restaurant gone bad? Have you tried a new eatery only to discover it doesn't cut the mustard? If so, we need your nomination! FOX's hit show, Kitchen Nightmares is currently searching for new restaurants to be featured in the upcoming season. If you know of a restaurant that desperately needs expert guidance, we want to know about it! Send us the restaurant's name, location and a brief description why you think Gordon Ramsay should take over. e-mail us at or call the hotline with restaurant info at 1-866-226-2226

That's right--there's a toll free number to bring in Gordon Ramsey. We live in a magical world. And if there are masochistic entrepreneurs who feel they need to bring in the Ramsey Kitchen Cavalry upon themselves, they can self nominate, for a cry for help is the first sign you want to be (in)famous on television, just ask Dr. Drew.

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