Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Professor Plum in The Kitchen with KCET

As you know if you read the Indy at all, we're a contest-loving bunch (coming soon: a contest to come up with the next best contest!), so I'd be amiss if I didn't point out there's a cool contest KCET is throwing to our south, and we're all welcome to take part. (I'm pretty sure this isn't a sneaky way to annex Santa Barbara, promise.) The prize isn't just glory, but also a basket of farmers' market goodies.

KCET is celebrating summer stone fruit season by asking viewers like you to submit your favorite plum, pluot, or apricot recipe. You've got till Friday, so go to the contest site for details and make Santa Barbara proud.

And did you know that when Luther Burbank dreamed up the pluot, he called it a plumcot? Perhaps Burbank knew best--that just seems easier to say, doesn't it? And if you're going to end up a hybrid oddity, the last thing you need is a funky, fake French name. 

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