Tuesday, February 14, 2012

T.C. Boils*

In its nine seasons, Top Chef has become infamous for the devilishness of some of the challenges cheftestants have to endure — they must be called cheftestants, for one, and they’ve had to build kitchens inside Target stores, ride bicycles around the Alamo in search of a Pee Wee Herman-friendly restaurant, and even cook off only the body heat of pulchritudinous Padma Lakshmi (okay, I made that one up). Turns out, if you ask head judge Tom Colicchio about having to do things outside of his comfort zone, he replies with a chuckle, “I’ll be doing it in Santa Barbara.”

Want to read the rest then do so at the Indy's site.

For "out-takes" from this story, see this blog entry.

*And I admit, this is the sort of headline you come up with at 1 a.m., but in Santa Barbara, where our most famous author is T.C. Boyle, and TC can equal both Tom Colicchio and Top Chef, well, I couldn't resist.

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