Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Viva la Detoxico (Day 3)

Negotiating the fine line between will power and masochism is like tossing a two-tailed quarter into the air--someone's going to lose a sucker bet. Up to this point the detox hasn't been mightily miserable--avocado rights so many wrongs--but we were invited to go out for a friend's birthday tonight to the recently opened and ridiculously delicious Cielito (look for my article about it in next week's Indy). All along the walk there I practiced under my breath, saying, "Get thee behind me Satan," so I'd have my answer for when I was asked if I'd like a drink. And they do know how to make a cocktail here, not just margaritas but a lovely chili-infused-Bulleit bourbon-honey-lemon concoction that practically urge you to get sick so it can nurse you to health. From behind the bar, I believe all the worms in all the Mezcal bottles waved me a howdy, beckoning, but then I remembered you weren't supposed to hallucinate till after imbibing.

It weren't easy.

But I didn't give in, even if it took three asks to get water (the one at the bar ignored, then two at the table), and I needed water, bad. It certainly wasn't because of the chips, as I couldn't have those, despite my junk food jones for them (I remain a potato chip over corn chip kind of guy, but I am glad there's a separate chips-and-salsa stomach, or so I've been told). It was more the need to do drinking as a motion. Lord knows if I tried to detox for two weeks, you'd catch me drinking Shirley Temples, but even the kids got it over on me, as I couldn't drink all that juice.

So, it was guacamole, just from a fork, and not the guac with the pomegranate seeds and cotija, because even though that's a Spanish word, I know it's cheese. The secret, I've found, is to really relish each tiny bite, really think about eating and not just eat. Same with the amazing ceviches--there might have been a bit too much pickling going on, but I figure it's not breaking the rules too badly, eating mostly raw, very fresh fish in a bite that could barely cover a dime.

If you order the gorgeously prepared ahi tartare, it comes cylindrically, topped by micro-greens, with avocado (what else) sliced beneath and all that on a perfect pat of Peruvian purple potatoes. Someone will eat those for you, don't worry. But you and the tuna will get to love each other nibble by nibble.

Focus, thy name is detox.

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